"Build You Own Cardboard House"

Rabbit Castle You will need the following items:
  1. large brown box (non-plastic, non-ink)
  2. heavy duty scissors
  3. pencil
  4. square level
  5. exacto knife
  6. pliers
  7. tape (if making an open top)
  8. extra large flat cardboard sections that will serve as the floor(s)

It's a good idea to read the following in it's entirety before you begin. To start, you will need to decide whether you want one or two levels, and if you want an open or closed top. Let's consider that you want to make the castle above... which has two levels (above the main floor) and an open top. Firstly, you need to measure the full distance from the floor to the very top of the box (when the top flaps are extended straight up), and divide that number by three. This is the distance that you should measure up from the floor and mark a horizontal line around the entire circumfrence of the box... for each of the two levels above. However, it would be best (for the sake of stability) to keep your horizontal rules slightly away from the creases of the top flaps. Next you will measure a distance of 2" over from both sides of the box (on all faces), and mark a thin "slot" along the horizontal rule that measures roughly 3" away from the 2" mark (you just measured) toward the middle of your box. The height of the slots should equal the thickness of your cardboard. Note that on two of the sides, you will have to account for an access hole to the next level. Therefore, two of the sides will have only one slot. Next you will make the "levels/upper floors" from the extra cardboard you have.

For the floors, first measure a square the size of the inside dimensions of the box, then measure 2" from each line, and mark the bigger square. The extra 4" are for the "tabs" that will fit into the slots on the sides of the box. The "tabs" need to be spaced to match up with the "slots" of your castle. Then, cut away the corner of your floor(s) where there are no tabs, as this will provide the access hole for your bunny.

Next, gently bend the cardboard floor, and squeze the tabs into the slots on the sides of your box, until the floor is firmly in place. Repeat this for all necessary ascending floors. Note, you'll want to alternate the "access holes" so that bunny has a floor to jump up from. Then tape the top flaps on your box in place. Lastly, cut holes in the box so that bunny can enter his castle, and also so he can look out of his castle! This castle works great for small bunnies (aprox. 4 lbs), but if you have a bigger bun, then just double up on the floors (i.e. two per level) to make them extra sturdy. There are no end to the creations you can make, and your bunny will thank you with many playful hours of chewing and hiding.

Frody gives it her chew of approval!