Kwan Shih Yin

tonight you shall be born again
a beautiful child who knows no pain
only endless summer and cooling rains
and flowers blowing to be named

how will this happen you may ask
will all your heartache come to pass
and should you whisper a favoured prayer
will it be answered by someone who cares

perhaps you will answer your own words
God knows they are dying to be heard
you'll simply give yourself another chance
to live to love to run to dance

in the morning you may look the same
a shrinking player behind a fading name
who walks down streets a little tame
but that's all part of this holy game

for you shall journey through the dark
and trace your figure across its heart
and tumble into the grinning grave
and will be humbled and will be saved

time to sleep to close your eyes
time to dream of other glorious lives
when all the world comes out to play
when fears like robbers steal away

yes, tonight you shall be born again
for you've always known you are the way

In the Garden of Robert

you are the way
albert street poems