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Welcome to @buddhavision, a London, Canada website focusing on the life and teachings of the historical Buddha. At this site you will learn about the practice of Buddhism and its enduring influence around the world. A good place to start would be with Christopher Calder's article, Towards A New Buddhism, which attempts to ascertain the essential teachings of Siddhartha Gautama, while at the same time proposing a more modern path to enlightenment every bit as valid as traditional Buddhism. Calder's article is just one of over twenty-five web pages about Buddhism to be found at this site. Please browse the various Buddhism-related web pages listed near the bottom of this help file. Just click on the title of each page to navigate there.


Although conceived at 800x600 screen resolution, this site is now best viewed at 1024x768. Please set your browser text size to Medium, and choose Arial as your standard Web page font. Most of my pages are presented in Verdana font which many visitors should have; however, should you not have this font, then Arial will be your browser's next choice.

Note: Most of my web pages can be viewed at higher screen resolutions, but you wouldn't be able to use 1024x768 fixed background start pages. Try @buddhavision as a universal start page.

Hidden Links

Many @buddhavision graphics are hidden links themselves. Mouse over pictures and animations to see if they are. Live links will reveal themselves on your browser's status bar at the bottom of the screen. Your mouse cursor should also make the appropriate visual transformation, which means you really don't need the status bar for that purpose. Myself, I prefer to go fullscreen, which is a great feature of IE 6.

Loading Time

Some Web pages may take a considerable amount of time to load because of their high text or graphics content. I'm sure you'll figure things out. In computing, patience is definitely a virtue worth cultivating. Of course the higher the connection speed, the faster web pages tend to load.

BuddhaVision News is one web page in particular that takes a while to load; that's because it's a list of live news feeds that have to be downloaded from a server.

Please Note: This help page is updated from time to time, so some new or altered pages may not be entered under their appropriate headings, and some start pages may have changed in their presentation. See Java applet at bottom of page for Last Updated time-date stamp.

Update: May 2006 - Internet Explorer Fullscreen View

Remember, you can go fullscreen via fuction key 11 - F11 - with IE6 and IE7. If you're going to do that, then get rid of the Status Bar by taking its check mark away under View on the drop down menu bar. Make sure you have Menu Bar, Links and Auto Hide checked off in Toolbars (You don't need the Address Bar.). You can also do that by right-clicking on a free space of the drop down menu bar and checking them off. Should the drop down menu bar not retract when you mouse away from it, take the check mark away from Auto-Hide and then check it off again. This will all become second nature in time, as repetition is the best teacher when it comes to being computer literate.

Note: This site is still best viewed at 1024x768 screen resolution. That way you can use the fixed background start pages listed below.

Update: May 2006 - New Start Page Radio Links

Check off Windows media file (asf) in File Types under Windows Media Player Options, or if you have another kind of media player, ditto in that. The Windows Media file (asf) format includes files with .asf, .asx, .wpl, .wm, .wmx, .wmd, and .wmz extensions. This will allow radio stations like The Hawk and Q107 with the .asx extension to automatically play on your media device. I use Windows Media Player 10 as my Internet media playing device.

Clicking on a link like The Hawk 103.0 or Q107 Classic Rock will first produce a blank pop-up window, which will quickly morph into your media player after that. That means the pop-up window disappears once it connects to the media player that the audio stream was associated with.

Click here for CKUA Radio Network to test your media player's response. CKUA is an Edmonton, Alberta FM radio station with an eclectic format. I highly recommend it. You can visit its website by clicking on the CKUA link on my London Calling web page. You can also click on the Live On Air graphic at the top of CKUA's web page to listen live via your media player. Click Program Schedule to view weekly programming. I like the Celtic Show on Friday nights at 6:00 p.m. MST, which is 8:00 p.m. EST.

P.S. - Try Randy Bachman's Vinyl Tap Saturdays at 7:00 p.m. EST on CBC.

Click here for CBC Radio Guide.

Update: November 2006 - Weather Watch Links

London, Windsor, Toronto, Ottawa, Edmonton, Cold Lake and Vancouver have more elaborate start pages that can be accessed by clicking on their names below the appropriate weather gizmos on the Weather Watch page. Of course you can also access them as city portals from this help page. BTW, the green bullets at the top of the Weather Watch page are live links to other @buddhavision pages.

Don't forget to click Intellicast Southwestern Ontario Weather Forecast Radar Loop at the bottom of the page for an animated regional forecast if you live in or near Southwestern Ontario, Canada.

Happy Winter Solstice to all you agnostics out there!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to my regular visitors. Let's hope it's a good year without any fear. Oh man, pardon me, hmm ...

When a tree falls in the forest, one learns that impermanence is inherent in all things. Work out your own salvation with diligence, brothers and sisters. For the times, they are a short changin', and the best laid plans of monks and men often go to hell, if not completely astray. Ain't that the truth, eh.

All the best. Win or lose, you've got a right to choose. The future is still unwritten no matter what your Masters say. So show your worth and help to save the earth, because you don't need some tragic notion to love the earth with your devotion. Peace on Earth. Amen.

The Buddha Image

I have designed several @buddhavision home or start pages for your viewing enjoyment. Please choose the one that best suits your tastes and needs, and add it as a favorite on your Links menu bar. That way you will have a familiar page to instantly return to if you get lost in the links.

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1024x768 Fixed backgrounds:

  • Happy New Year - 1024x768 fixed seasonal background. 226kb. New.
  • Mother Night - 1024x768 fixed seasonal background. 486kb. New.
  • Mount T'oham - 1024x768 fixed background. Soekguram Grotto, South Korea. 416kb.New.

Canadian city and town portals:

Choose the appropriate city or town, click on it, then save it as a link on your Links menu bar. Clicking on the time and temperature display will pop up a local weather forecast. Click on the Welcome animaton for @buddhavision ...

If you would like me to create a start page for your city, there's an e-mail link for requests, suggestions and comments near the bottom of this page.

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Thank you for visiting @buddhavision.

Please consider becoming enlightened for the sake of all living things.

All men are brothers, and you know that for sure!

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Kwan Shih Yin