Get Back!

high atop a mountain
in a land far away
i beheld Lord Buddha
in his hermit cave

majestic and calm
his granite gaze
ever dreaming down
on his lost race

his cities are crowded
and shabbily built
their waters run dead
the rich sport silk

a solitary monk
sounds the alarm
by the golden arches
where lives push on

i drop a few coins
into the magic box
whisper a few lines
while others talk

they took the bus
all the way up
the infernal heat
somebody's cut

i leave them to it
find my way down
a year has passed
another come round

in a bamboo bower
bordered with stone
it's hard to believe
i'm back here at home

i close my eyes
to wait for the sun
to touch my fate
like the quiet one

never shall i forget
my journey there
that steep ascent
the power of prayer

Buddhism Under Siege in South Korea

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