An argument's logic should stand on its own merit, but that's not how the world works. We all need some sign of the messenger's credibility. Martyrdom is one option, framed certificates are another, but I'll stick to just listing the trips from my logs, big and small.
      I've been canoeing since I was nine, and I am thankful not to have grown up tied to a family cottage. I was lucky to have been able to go to summer camp and acquire a lifelong passion for tripping. I have passed through, or camped on, "real estate" that could not have a price attached to it. The power to portage also gave me the confidence to go on many solo trips. Tripping solo is different then tripping with even one other person: The schedule is convenient and free form, I have to do all the thinking, I see more wildlife, all day is spent seeing beauty around me; I become most aware that I am alive. My trips with others and alone add up to great memories and lots of portaging, especially in Algonquin.

Tripper: Camp Maz inaw. 6 weeks
Guide: Northway Lodge: 41 days canoe tripping in Algonquin Park.
Opeongo-Laveille-Petawawa-McManus-Barron-WhitePartridge-Opeongo in 6 days.
Guide: Northway Lodge: 41 days canoe tripping in Algonquin Park.
Algonquin MNR Interior: Odd jobs. 4 months. Various hikes.
Algonquin: Opeongo-Lavielle-Crow-WhitePartidge-Opeongo: 2 people, 3 days.
Algonquin MNR Interior Ranger: Tim/Bice/Shippagew area: 4 months.
Algonquin: Kaymog-Biggar-Nipissing-3Mile-Manitou-Kaymog: 2 people 4 days.
Algonquin: Grand-Greenleaf-WhitePartridge-Petawawa-McManus-Grand: solo, 5 days.
Algonquin: Tim-Nipissing-Gibson and back: 2 people, 3 days.
Algonquin: Kiosk-Maple-LaughrenHarris-Nipissing-Cedar-Kiosk: 2 people, 4 days.
Ontario: Chapleau-Elasa-Nemegosenda-Chapleau: 2 people, 5 days.
Algonquin: Kaymog-SouthRiver-Winifred and back: Solo, 2 days.
Algonquin: Tim-Winifred-Rim: Solo, 2 days.
Algonquin: Kiosk-Radiant-Burntroot-3mile-Biggar-NorthTea-Fawcett-Kiosk: Solo, 8 days.
Quebec: Stonecliff-Up(!) the Dumoine River to Dumoine and back. 12k long portage. 2 people, 8 days.
Assistant Director: Wendigo (part of Northway lodge).
Algonquin south loop: 15 people, 6 days.
Quebec: Kipawa-Dumoine-Stonecliffe: 15 people, 12 days.
Assistant Director: Wendigo.
Algonquin loop: 15 people, 6 days.
Algonquin: Opeongo-Cedar-Eustache to WhitePartridge bushwhack-Opeongo: 15 people, 11 days.
Algonquin: Wendigo-Radiant-Cedar-Wendigo: Solo, 2 days
Algonquin: Grand-Clover-Stratton-Grand: Solo, 2 days.
Algonquin: Brain-CarlWilson-Cauchon-Brain: 2 people, 2 days.
Algonquin: Traverse-WhitePartridge-Crow-Traverse: Solo, 2 days/
Algonquin: Shall-McKaskill-Dickson-Mountain-Booth-Shall: Solo, 3 days
Algonquin: Cedar-Burntroot-WhiskeyJack-Hike to Kennedy-Nipissing_Cedar: Solo, 2 days.
Algonquin: Kiosk-Maple-Raven-Mouse-Kiosk: Solo, 2 days.
Ontario: Town of Missinabie to James Bay: 2 people, 18 days.
Algonquin: Kaymog-Biggar-3Mile-Manitou-Kaymog: 6 people, 3days.
Algonquin: Winter trip to Rod&Gun Lake: 6 people, 3 days.
Algonquin: Traverse-WhitePartridge-Dickson-CrowRiver-Traverse: 2 people, 3 days.
Algonquin: Shall Lake-Godda-Bushwhack side trip - Shall: 2 people, 3 days.
Algonquin: Tim-Devine-Tim (19 moose!) : 2 people, 2 days.
Algonquin: Logging scar Bushwhack: LittleMcCauley-Vesper-Booth_Cabin and back: Solo. 2 days.
Algonquin: October: Eustache area Bushwhacking, Traverse-McManus-Grand loop: Solo, 14 days.
Ontario: Built winter shelter. Solo, 4 days.
Ontario: Snowshoe 12k to shelter: Solo, 2 days.
Killarney: Johnie-3Narrows-SilverPeakHike-Johnie: 2 people, 3 days.
Algonquin: Aylen-Alsever-Roundbush-Aylen: 2 people, 2 days.
Algonquin: Bushwhack: Little McCauley-Godda and back: 2 people, 3 days.
Algonquin: Shall-Booth-Shall: 2 people, 2 days.
Algonquin: Traverse-Eustache-WhitePartridgeCreek-Traverse: 2 people, 3 days.
Algonquin: Wendigo-Hogan-Manta-Catfish-Wendigo: 2 people, 4 days.
Ontario: Snowshoe to winter shelter: 2 people, 2 days.
Quetico: French-Cache-Kawnipi,Falls Chain-Alice-French: 2 people, 8 days Algonquin: Tim-Rosebary-Bushwhack to Hiah-back in blizzard: 2 people, 3 days.
Ontario: Snowshoe to winter shelter: 2 people, 2 days.
Algonquin: Cedar-Manitou-Birchcliff-Nipissing-Cedar: Solo, 10 days.
Ontario: Snowshoe to winter shelter: 2 people, 2 days.
Algonquin: Shall-Booth-Ojibway and back: Solo, 2 days.
Temagami: MountainChutes-MapleMountain-LadyEvelyn N&S arms-MowatLanding and back:
2 people, 8 days.
Algonquin: Brain-Cedar-Catfish-Nipissing-Cedar-Brain: 3 people, 3 days.
Algonquiin: Traverse-Hogan-Radiant-Traverse: Solo, 4 days.
Algonquin: Aylen-Alsever-Aylen: 3 people, 2 days.
Algonquin: Shall-Booth-Raja & Shanty Lake bushwhack and back: Solo, 2 days.
Superior: Sand River to TransCanada, Entire (N&S) Coastal trail: Solo, 8 days.
Ontario: Shall-Opeongo River-Aylen River-Bark. Spring White water. 2 people, 2 canoes, 2 days.
Algonquin: Cedar- Burntroot-Nipissing-failed Loontail bushwhach-Cedar: Solo, 8 days.
Algonquin: Kiosk-Maple-Mink-Kiosk: 4 people, 3 days.
Algonquin: Opeongo-LaMuir-Hogan-Proulx-Opeongo: 2 people, 3 days.
Algonquin: Tim-Rosebary-Nipissing: Bushwhack to Loontail-Tim: Solo, 8 days.
LaVerendrye: Elbow-Epeau-ChochochuaneRiver- Dozois-hike back: Solo, 3 days.
Kilarney: Johnie-Sandy-George-Johnie: 7 people, 2 days.
Killarney: Sandy Lake: Bushwhack to Silver Peak's higher twin: Solo, 3 days
ORCA courses.
Algonquin: Kiosk-raven-Birchcliffe-Nipissing-Cedar-Kiosk: 2 people, 4 days.
Pukaskwa: Pukaskwa River to Superior, to Wawa: 2 people, 10 days
Quebec: Full length of Coulonge River with side trips: Solo, 12 days.
Sea Kayaking.
Tobermory: Portable Winter shelter: Solo, 2 days.
Algonquin: Bice-TimRiver-BigTrout-Petawawa-Bice: Solo, 3 days.
Ontario: Spanish River: Biscotasing-Agnew: 5 people, 8 days.
Quebec: Lac St Patrice - Noire River -Ottawa River: 2 people, 4 days.
Algonquin: Bice -tim river- misty - magnetewan - Bice. 3 people, 4 days.
Temagami: Fly-in: Ishpatina-Sturgeon-Florence-Temagami Lake. 2 people, 8 days.

Adirondacks: Giant Mtn. Feb overnight. 2 People.
Algonquin: Barrie Canoe Club: Bice-Shippagew-Big Trout-Petawawa-Bice. 4 days.
Algonquin: Canoe-OtterSlides-BigTrout-Grassy Bay - Sunbeam-Canoe. 5 people, 4 days.
Superior: Steel River loop, with Lake Superior loop added. 2 people, 8 days.
Tobermory: North shore. Feb overnight. 3 people.
New York: September ROGAINE 12hr competition.

Algonquin: Bice-Petawawa-Misty-Grassy Bay-return. 3 people, 3 days.
Algonquin: Barrie Canoe Club: Cedar-Catfish-Burnt River-High Falls-Cedar. 7 people, 4 days.
Algonquin: Kid's trip: Lake Louisa.2 days
Adirondaks climb: Giant, Dix, Gothics, Wolfjaw
New York: 24 hour North American Rogaine competition (not last)

Algonquin: Barrie Canoe Club: Opeongo-Dickson-Lavielle-Crow-Opeongo. 7 people, 4 days.
Adirondaks: Northville Placid Trail. Upper Benson to ADK Loj: 131 miles, 7.5 days, 2 people.
Temagami: Manitou-Temag-Temagriver-Sturgeon-Chiniguchi-Maskinonge-Sturgeonriver-Manitou. 2 people, 7 days
Algonquin: Kid's trip: Booth Lake. 2 days.

Algonquin: Travers-White Partridge, Crow river-Travers. Spring. 5 people, 4 days.
Algonquin: Opeongo -Lavielle-Opeongo. Solo, 3 days.
Killarney: George-Baie Fine-Nellie-Nellie climb-Mountain-David-Silver Peak-George. 2 people 7days
Algonquin: Kid's trip: Kingscote-York River-Kingscote. 3 days
Adirondacks: Winter climb - Santonini Mtn.

Algonquin: Travers-Eustache-Bushwhack to WP creek-McNorton Cliff climb-White Partridge-Lavielle-Crow-Travers. 2 people, 7 days.
Algonquin: Kiosk-Radiant-Wendigo. 5 people, 5 days
Algonquin: Kid's trip: Louisa. 3 days.
Adirondacks: Winter climb - Algonquin Mtn

Algonquin: Farm-Animoosh-Dickson-Crow-Opoengo River-Booth-Farm. 2 people, 5 days.
Algonquin: Cedar-Hogan-Nipissing-Cedar. Solo 7 days.
Algonquin: Kids' trip: McCraney. 3 days.
Adirondaks Winter high peaks: Seymour. 2 people.

Pukaskwa: Pukaskwa trail Hattie cove - White gravel - Hattie cove. solo. 7 days.
Adirondaks Winter high peaks: Close but failed to reach TableTop. 18" overnight snow dump. 2 people.

Kipawa - Kipawa River - Dumoine Lake - Dumoine - StoneCliffe. Solo. 11 days.
Adirondaks Winter high peaks: Cliff, TableTop. 2 people.

Coulonge: Full length, LaVerendrye - Ottawa River. 2 people, 9 days.
Algonquin: Kids trip. Cedar - Catfish -BurntRoot - HighFalls -Cedar. 4 people, 5 days.
Adirondaks Winter high peaks: Couchsachraga. 2 people.

LaVerendrye: Lac_granet-Riviere_Outaouais-Lac_Bend-LaRomaine-LacLaPerche-Lac_Des_Missionaires-Lac_De_la_Triple_baies-Lac_Gaotanaga-Lac Granet. Solo 175km 7 days. Met a lynx.
LaCloche: Espanola-Spanish_River-Manitoulin north Channel-HeavensGateHike-Whitefish falls. 2 people, 5 days.