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If you are visiting this page for 10-digit dialing instructions, please select your Operating System on the left and click Change/Confirm Settings.

Guidelines for using tutorials:
  1. Determine the OS (Operating System) of the computer.

  2. Click the OS name from the options provided on the left hand side of the page.  Options will appear just below the OS name.

  3. If you are configuring your computer for service for the first time, click the Internet Connection Wizard option.

    If you need to make changes to your pre-existing connection, click the Change/Confirm settings option.

    For older Windows operating systems and for Mac operating systems, the options will be different.  Simply click the option displayed.

  4. A page will display with intructions on configuring the computer.  Follow the instructions provided.

These instructions are intended for persons with some experience setting computers up for Internet service.  We do not recommend that novice computer users change their computer settings without assistance.

The tutorials contain screenshots that should help to guide you through the procedures.  Note that it may take some time for all images to load.

Note: You can print off the instructions at any time by pressing CTRL-P