General Help

How to Sign Up
Excited about getting Internet service at such good value? The sign up procedure will not slow you down. The complete sign up can be done over the phone by calling our setup line at 1-866-PORCHLIGHT (1-866-767-2454). Our helpful signup assistants will guide you through each step. In most cases you will be surfing the net with your new Internet account within 15 minutes.

Two Easy Steps

You are two steps away from surfing the Internet with Porchlight. Call our assistants at 1-866-PORCHLIGHT (1-866-767-2454) and they will guide you.

  1. Create an account for you.
  2. Configure your computer so you can access's Internet service.

What You Can Do To Prepare

Be assured assistants will help you set up your own Internet account, and you may wish to follow these steps so you can be using your account even sooner.

  1. Think of a username and password.
  2. Determine what operating system you have, for example, Windows 95, Windows 98, etc.
  3. Have your computer turned on, ready at the desktop, within reach as you call from your phone.

If you would like your own Internet account so you can enjoy reliable, secure access at a fair price, please call Porchlight at 1-866-PORCHLIGHT (1-866-767-2454) and an assistant will help you get connected.